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If you want to customize your book URL under your own domain, you can use our "Custom Domain" feature, but it requiresPlatinumorEnterprisepackage and you need to have your own domain.

Your publications are automatically served on the www.mamanamibia.com domain. However, it's often desirable to serve your publications at a custom domain that you own (yourdomain.com) or at specific subdomains of that domain (books.yourdomain.com).

For example, you can change the book link from//www.mamanamibia.com/suwl/abhdtohttp://yourdomain.com/books/abhd.

Here are the steps of "How to custom Domain in your FlipHTML5 account":

Note: Your domain should not be used. If your primary domain can be visited, you should use a new sub domain.

Step1.Update the DNS records

A.Sub domain

If you want to use asub domain(Like:book.abc.com), please update theDNS recordsat your domain registrar to addCNAME recordand point it to the following domain:custom-domain.www.mamanamibia.com.

For example, if your subdomain isbook.abc.com,当你add cname record in Godaddy or Cloudfare DNS setting, you should inputbookin the Name field.

Note:CNAMEmust be pointed tocustom-domain.www.mamanamibia.cominstead of others.

B.Primary domain

If you want to use a newprimary domain(Like:abc.com), please update theDNS recordsat your domain registrar to addA recordand point it to this IP.

Step2.Link your domain

After you update your DNS records in your Domain control panel, you need to link your domain here, just put your subdomain or primary domain here and click on the button of "Link", it will indicate that you successfully link or not, your domain does not need to include the "http" or "https":

Note:The subdomain or primary domain you input should be matched with what you set in the DNS setting. After you finish the setting, your domain will not be open straight away.Generally speaking, it will take 72 hours for your DNS record to take effect, so do not be so worried about it.

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